To see where our sites are located, click on the links below. Each will open a new browser window displaying the allotment site at the centre of a map courtesy of

Note that apart from the Gardeners Hall none of the sites have postcodes as they don't have letterboxes. If you wish to have materials delivered we suggest you quote the address of the nearest houses or landmarks as a guide.

Each site has a site steward who can provide local knowledge and guidance on site customs. Site stewards also act as advocates for their sites in requesting facilities and support.

BOLTON ROAD Site steward Don Hartridge

BROOK STREET Site Steward Simon Bailey

CLEWER PARK Site Steward John Howton

FAIRGROUND Site Steward Martin Pritchett

GREEN LANE Site Steward needed

MAIDENHEAD ROAD/THE GLEBE Site stewards - ask in trading shed

MUNICIPAL Site Steward needed

SPITAL Site Steward Fred Fletcher

VANSITTART ROAD Site Steward needed

To make an enquiry about allotment availability, please contact the Allotment Secretary

Preference will be given to new applicants who live or work in Windsor. There is no geographical restriction on membership.

WAHGA administers the allotment sites in Windsor on behalf of the Royal Borough. For enquiries about sites outside Windsor please contact your local council. The RBWM web site provides contact details for parish councils in the borough.

Note that the Clewer Fuel allotments also in Windsor are independently operated by the Clewer Fuel trustees. Clewer Fuel allotment holders are welcome to join WAHGA and to use the trading sheds.

Page updated 23rd September 2018