The Association operates trading sheds for the sale of various garden and allotment products including composts, fertilizers, pesticides, canes, netting and sundry supplies all at competitive prices. Seed potatoes, Onion sets, Vegetable seeds and flower bulbs are stocked in the appropriate season.

The trading sheds are operated by volunteer members (subject to availability) and are located as follows:

Maidenhead Road Allotment site
Entrance next to 185 Maidenhead Road, nearest post code is SL4 5EZ
Open: Sundays between 9am and 12 noon
Thursdays between 9am and 11am

Fairground Allotment site, Gardeners Hall, St Leonards Road, SL4 3DR
Open: Sundays between 10.00am and 12.00pm
Thursdays between 2.30pm and 3.30pm

Products are available only by personal visit of members to the trading sheds. Please show a current membership card ( the 2016/2017 card was pink, the 2017/2018 card was pale green and the 2018/2019 card is orange).

24/01/2019 The seed potatoes, onion sets, garlic and new season Dobies seeds are all in the sheds. The order form for seed potatoes can still be found here, but we have run out of some varieties.

24/01/2019 The Maidenhead Road trading shed has been revamped with new shelving and layout. Come and have a look.

22/01/2019 The seeds for the 2019 season are now in the trading sheds, varieties as last year. A list of the varieties stocked with the Dobies catalogue reference can be found here. Start planning now. Note that we have stocks of Aquadulce Broad Beans for autumn sowing. Seeds will be about half to two-thirds catalogue price.

23/06/2017 The modifications to the Fairground trading shed shop at Gardeners Hall are now complete. Small items such as seeds and fertilisers are displayed in the new shop entrance. Bulk items such as pallets of compost and netting rolls are in the original shop area. As there is now more room for display we are open to suggestions for new stock. As an example we have a pallet of 40L compost bags in addition to the larger sizes.

Page updated January 2019