December 9 2011. We were impressed by the imaginative use for Grobags suggested by the advert below, found in the Windsor and Eton Express. Should this catch on we can offer Grobags for half that price.

The Express advert

April 2009 (no, not the first). The letter pictured below addressed to the occupier of a trough in Maidenhead Road arrived for us recently. Although we know a few greedy pigs where cake is concerned, no-one has claimed it as yet. Confidentiality will be preserved.

Trough letter

Feb 2008. The arrival of the new season's potatoes coincided with the arrival in my in-box of the following corny joke.

A man went into a department store and asked an assistant, "Do you sell potato clocks?"
"Potato clocks, sir? I'm not sure what you mean," replied the assistant.
"Well," came the explanation, "I'm always being late for work, and my boss said I would get there before nine if I got a potato clock ...."

Actually that's not as daft as it might seem, Amazon advertise a potato clock and using a potato as a battery is the subject of many a web site e.g. potato battery

Secrets of the Long Carrot.

If you are a novice like me you have probably wondered what magic goes into those magnificent specimen vegetables which appear on the show bench. The Association President Ted Bailey won't tell us how old he is, but he certainly has many years of experience in growing vegetables for show. Some of that experience has been recorded for posterity in a booklet available via the trading sheds, or downloadable from here. Click here to open the guide in Acrobat Reader format.