Frequently Asked Questions

How big is a plot?

The standard plot is approximately 250 square metres or 300 square yards though not all plots are full size. It is also possible to rent a half-plot, depending on availability; this can be convenient where friends or neighbours want to share a plot, and is often recommended to beginners.

You will see plot sizes described in poles or rods. These measurements were part of the rich tapestry of imperial measures such as firkins, drams, scruples and furlongs which schoolchildren used to have printed on the back of their exercise books. Many of those measures still have niche uses today, although we fear the scruple is fighting a losing battle.

One Rod, Pole or Perch is 5½ yards in linear measure. Four poles make a chain, 10 chains make a furlong, and 8 furlongs a mile. The pole has the peculiarity of also being a square measure i.e. 30¼ square yards. Hence the allotment plot description of 10 poles, and the rental rate by the pole.


How will I water my plot?

Self-filling water tanks have been introduced on most sites to replace stand-pipes. This is in line with the general move towards water conservation and metering. On sites which still have taps, a hose licence fee of about £8 is payable. The cost of watering from tanks is covered by the basic rental. The water supply to the sites is turned off during winter to avoid frost damage, tanks will still contain water replenished by rainfall.


Can I hire equipment to work my plot?

The association owns various pieces of equipment including strimmers, mowers and cultivators. Ask your site steward about the use of cultivators, training courses may be available or a designated user may cultivate your plot for a small fee. We have recently invested in secure steel containers on the larger sites to house equipment locally.


Are there toilets on the sites?

Some of the larger sites have toilets, Fairground and Maidenhead Road have disabled facilities. For information on how to access them and for keys ask your site steward or in the trading sheds.


Can I have a bonfire?

Yes, but please take into consideration residents bordering your site. In the spirit of good-neighbourliness bonfires are forbidden during June, July and August. Choose a calm day and only burn dry material, donít use your bonfire to dry out green waste. You must not leave fires unattended so allow plenty of time for the fire to burn out.


How can I dispose of rubbish?

You are encouraged to compost vegetative waste. Some sites have communal areas for depositing allotment rubbish for burning or to be put in skips which are arranged when sufficient waste has been accumulated. We have to pay for skips so do not bring rubbish from home, and take your rubbish away if practical. There are municipal tips in Maidenhead at Stafferton Way and in Slough at White Hart Road, Chalvey. See link here to the Borough site with maps.
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How can I get manure?

Free manure is sometimes delivered to sites on an ad hoc basis by volunteers or donors. It will be placed in a public place or community plot for use by plot-holders. Manure supplies are very variable, ask in the sheds for current availability. Some plot-holders may purchase or acquire manure for their own private use Ė please do not take manure from someone elseís plot unless they offer it to you. The trading sheds sell bags of sterile farmyard manure which is useful for mulching individual plants.


Who maintains the paths?

The paths around your plot are your responsibility. Keep the paths tidy as you will be sharing them with your neighbours.


What can I do about theft or vandalism?

If you see a crime in progress, dial 999
To report a committed crime or suspicious activity, dial 101, and don't forget to obtain a reference number

PCSO Oli Woodland has special responsibility for the allotments in Windsor and can be contacted via the 101 number. There is an allotment "Neighbourhood Watch" scheme, your site stewards and committee members should be made aware of incidents, and can offer advice. We have, for instance, organised sessions for security marking of property.


How can I help?

Well we haven't got an Infrequently Asked Questions section. Volunteers are always welcome to help man the trading sheds, especially when the seeds, bulbs or potato supplies come in. Help organising social events such as dances, outings and shows is also welcome. See contact details on the menu.